Steam Puzzle Fest is offering great discounts on your favorite puzzle games. However, the most exciting thing about this festival is the release of the demo for Viewfinder, the upcoming puzzler game developed by Sad Owl Studios. Having had a sneak peek at the game during the GDC last month, I can attest that the game is mind-blowing. Although it might seem like a Witness-like game, it has unique and innovative ideas that will make you go ‘OooOOOooooOOOooooh’ when you see the in-game photos you take come to life.

Viewfinder is a puzzle game that revolves around perspective. You possess a polaroid camera that allows you to transform the landscape around you wherever you place the photos. You can use these photos to solve puzzles, traverse abstract landscapes, and explore the game’s world. What sets this game apart is how each photo’s individual art style is translated into an explorable, 3D space. For instance, a watercolor painting turns into a gorgeous haze of brushstrokes, while sketch drawings transport you to scenes made up of beautiful cross-hatching pencil work.

Explore the Game’s Unique Features

Aside from the unique art style, Viewfinder has other exciting features that make the game interesting. You can rotate photos upside down and cause any objects in them to fall to the ground in front of you. This feature is particularly useful when you need to reach an object that is out of your jump range. Furthermore, the game has a grey, fluffy cat made out of spaghetti that accompanies you on your journey.

Viewfinder is set for release at an unknown date later in 2023. However, you can try the Viewfinder “Snapshot” demo to experience the game’s unique perspective and innovative ideas. The demo features early and later game puzzles that will challenge your viewfinding skills. The demo is free, and you can download it today.

In conclusion, Viewfinder is a game that promises to revolutionize the puzzle genre. The game’s unique perspective and innovative ideas make it stand out from other puzzle games. Try the demo today and experience the game’s unique features. You can also check out the rest of Steam Puzzle Fest for great discounts on your favorite puzzle games. The festival runs from April 24th to May 1st.


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