WhatsApp is reportedly developing a number of new features, including usernames and screen sharing. According to WABetaInfo, the username feature was spotted in the beta version for Android, allowing users to select a unique username attached to their account. This feature could potentially enable users to search for each other by their username instead of using a phone number. Additionally, conversations that are started using a username are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring user privacy.

Screen Sharing Feature

Some beta testers using the version of the Android app also noticed a new screen sharing feature. This feature enables users to confirm and begin sharing the contents of their screen on video calls. The feature also records the portion of the call that is shared, according to screenshots. This feature can be useful for business purposes, such as sharing presentations or documents during video calls.

Status Archive Setting

Another feature that is rolling out to some beta testers is the “status archive” setting, which allows businesses to archive statuses after 24 hours and then reshare them in the future. However, it appears as though the status archive feature is currently limited to businesses.

Potential Implications

The new features being developed by WhatsApp could have significant implications for user experience and privacy. The username feature could make it easier for users to find and connect with each other, while also providing an additional layer of privacy through end-to-end encryption. The screen sharing feature could be a valuable tool for businesses, enabling them to share information more easily during video calls. Overall, these new features could enhance the functionality and accessibility of WhatsApp, making it an even more popular messaging app.


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