The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has gone on strike again, which has resulted in the big networks looking towards a schedule for Fall that is entirely free of new scripted shows. This is similar to what happened in 2007 when the WGA went on strike and many shows on broadcast and cable television went on hiatus, leading to a rise in reality TV. The current strike is seeking fair compensation for writers and a more livable cut of the profits of the shows they create the foundations for.

Reality TV Takes Center Stage

ABC’s Fall lineup is an excellent example of how the strike is affecting the networks. The network has entirely focused on reality TV, which suggests that they expect the strike to go on for some time. The lineup includes The Golden Bachelor, a variant of its popular Bachelor show focused on older participants, Celebrity Jeopardy, Bachelor in Paradise, Judge Steve Harvey, The Shark Tank, and reruns of Abbott Elementary.

Fighting for Fair Compensation

Previous writers’ strikes have addressed emerging technology at the time, such as showing movies on television in the 1960s and the advent of home video in the 1980s. This time, AI-powered writing is in the mix, along with residual payments for streaming shows. The strike wants to ensure that writers are fairly compensated for all mediums, including newer forms of media like streaming.

In conclusion, while the current WGA strike is still ongoing, it has already impacted the fall schedule for many networks. ABC’s reliance on reality TV shows is a perfect example of this impact. The writers are fighting for fair compensation and a more livable cut of the profits of the shows they create the foundations for. Previous writers’ strikes have resulted in better compensation for writers, and this strike is no different.


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