Yeyian, a PC gaming brand established in 2017, might not be well-known to many. However, a remarkable gaming PC deal on Newegg, closely associated with Prime Day, has brought this brand into the spotlight. The $1,289 Yeyian Shoge gaming PC deal stands out because it eliminates the need for any additional upgrades or concerns about the components’ quality. This package includes an ASUS motherboard with an ASUS Nvidia RTX 4070, an Intel Core i5 13400F processor, 16GB DDR4-3200 RAM, and a 1TB PCIe SSD.

While this deal still has room for improvement, it surpasses other discounted gaming PCs available on the market. Many of those PCs come with inadequate 512GB SSDs, which fall short for users intending to unleash the full potential of an RTX 4070 graphics card. However, Yeyian’s package addresses this issue by providing a 1TB SSD. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consider adding an extra SSD, as 1TB might not be sufficient for extensive usage.

The Impressive Features of the Yeyian Shoge Gaming PC

The highlight of the Yeyian Shoge gaming PC deal is undeniably the inclusion of an RTX 4070, which is currently one of the best graphics cards available. This card, similar to the RTX 3080 but with added features like DLSS 3.0 and Frame Generation, delivers exceptional performance and enables even higher frame rates in supported games. For more detailed insights, refer to our comprehensive review of the RTX 4070.

Moreover, the package includes 16GB of RAM, which is the minimum recommendation for a gaming PC in today’s market. While it may not be the most superior option, it is perfectly suitable for most gaming needs. In fact, our mid-range gaming PC build guide also suggests 16GB of RAM.

For gamers seeking a capable PC to power a 1440p or 4K gaming display, the Yeyian Shoge gaming PC is a commendable choice. The 1440p resolution remains the sweet spot for many gamers, and this PC offers excellent performance at that resolution. Furthermore, PCs with similar specifications are available for $200 more, making the Yeyian Shoge deal even more appealing.

In addition to its impressive specifications, the Yeyian Shoge gaming PC boasts a visually appealing case. Unlike many pre-built gaming PCs, this case does not evoke any aversion. The wavy LED design adds a touch of uniqueness, although it may not be attractive enough to be displayed on top of a desk. Nevertheless, it is more than suitable for placement on the floor.

As an added bonus, this PC deal also includes a mouse and keyboard. While bundled peripherals are often not of top quality, they serve as a convenient addition for users who are assembling a new PC gaming setup. With this purchase, customers receive everything they need, except for the monitor.

In summary, the Yeyian Shoge gaming PC deal offers a comprehensive package for gamers. With its high-quality components, including the powerful RTX 4070 graphics card, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD, it provides excellent performance for driving a 1440p or 4K gaming display. The visually appealing case and the inclusion of a mouse and keyboard make this deal even more enticing. Considering its competitive price compared to similar PCs on the market, the Yeyian Shoge gaming PC is a worthy investment for gamers seeking a complete gaming experience.


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