Dying Light 2, a popular zombie video game, is set to collide with the beloved zombie comic-book series, The Walking Dead, in a highly anticipated crossover event. The official Dying Light Twitter account broke the news, revealing that the game’s developers, Techland, would be partnering with Walking Dead publisher Skybound for this exciting collaboration.

The announcement was met with great enthusiasm from fans, who eagerly anticipate the thrilling possibilities that this crossover will bring. The post on Twitter declared, “Survive, scavenge, and slay the undead like never before!” The statement was made without any hint of exaggeration, highlighting the intensity and excitement that awaits players.

The official The Walking Dead account responded to the announcement, showcasing the trend of brands interacting with each other as if they were real individuals. “We know a thing or two about fighting the undead,” they quipped, emphasizing the shared expertise in dealing with zombie-related challenges.

While details regarding the crossover event are still scarce, Techland urged players to stay tuned for more information. The accompanying image suggests that the collaboration will draw inspiration from Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore’s original comics, rather than the later television adaptation. This is fitting, considering the enduring popularity of the comic series, which continued long after the decline of its TV counterpart.

In the image, Dying Light 2 survivor Vincenzo is depicted standing solemnly beside a grave marked for his father, NPC craftsmaster Alberto. The artwork, created in Moore’s distinctive style, pays homage to the original comic series. Charlie Adlard, a prolific illustrator for The Walking Dead, continued Moore’s artistic legacy.

Despite facing numerous delays and reports of a toxic work environment, Dying Light 2 was finally released in February of this year. In our review, we described it as a polished sequel that lacked the bite of its predecessor. However, the game still garnered attention and maintained a dedicated fan base.

As Techland moves forward, they are already working on their next project: an open-world fantasy action RPG. The studio’s commitment to creating immersive and captivating gaming experiences is evident, and their collaboration with The Walking Dead franchise is a testament to their dedication to delivering quality content to their audience.

The crossover event between Dying Light 2 and The Walking Dead is a highly anticipated collaboration that promises to provide players with an exhilarating experience. With both franchises known for their zombie-centric narratives, fans can expect intense gameplay and engaging storytelling. As more information becomes available, enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to delve into this unique fusion of two beloved worlds.


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